Working With Talented People

I am sitting in the hotel lobby in Addis Ababa, waiting for the van to the airport. The mission for now is over, but the pondering and the editing has only begun. I wasn’t entirely sure what it would be like working with the Petros Network, but I was eager to find out. Well, I couldn’t help but feel that I was the least talented person there. This is not a bad thing, and rather than make me feel inadequate, it makes me feel a great appreciation for people who pour their passion and talents fully to the task at hand. If there were any weak links, I was oblivious to them. This passion shows. There is tremendous revival going on in Ethiopia. By loving people and pouring their lives into others, over 800 churches have been planted in Ethiopia in the past ten years through this group alone, with more in Uganda and South Sudan. So I will be back again to do my part in any way I can be used, God willing. I am truly honored to have been part of this team.






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