Daily Archives: November 7, 2014

Back in Addis Ababa

After a week of no internet, I am back in Addis Ababa. I’ve been in a remote area of Ethiopia, west of the capital for about the past week. I’m sunburned with a cough and chapped lips from being near the equator at 10,000 feet, my feet hurt and my legs are sore from being on them so much. I cried almost every night over the things I saw, But this has undoubtedly been the best trip I’ve ever taken. I have seen God move in such profound ways in Ethiopia, and I have received far more than I’ve given. I’ve seen people healed, some by the doctors, and some solely through prayer. I saw a girl who had been blind for two years see again. 930 people were treated either through the medical or dental team. 270 pastors were trained, 74 of them were new. They were also trained in clean water practices. Widows and orphans were cared for, and a woman and her family on the edge of death from starvation were saved. This is what the church is about. I have a tremendous amount to ponder before I write more about this trip, but I will be shortly after thought and rest. For now, here are a few pictures.