My Formula for Being Overwhelmed.

We’ll be here soon.

This weekend I shot a wedding on friday, another today, and tomorrow I leave for South Sudan. I’m currently backing up all memory cards to two locations so I can use the cards again on my trip, and re-charging batteries. I board the first plane in about 15 hours. I just stopped home where my wife was crying. This is my official formula for being overwhelmed.  But you know what?  God’s grace is sufficient. I know I’m being obedient to His will, and my wife does too. It doesn’t make it easier to leave, but it does give me certainty in my purpose. Tomorrow the adventure begins.

To finish on a lighter note, I’m going to quote from the movie Mystery Men.  “We’ve got a blind date with destiny, and it looks like she ordered the lobster!”

The beautiful people of South Sudan

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