The people of Africa

You can travel the world, and there are some truly incredible landscapes to see, but ultimately what makes a place worth seeing is the people. Take a landscape shot and it might be a great shot, but add a person to it and the human element makes it even better. Africa has some truly outstanding people watching. They’re still engaged, still human. They’re not all staring at their phones. The joys and the heartaches of life are worn into every crease of their faces, and every one tells a story. I’m keeping this short today, to let the pictures tell the story for themselves. So here are some of my favorite people pictures from Kenya and South Sudan. These are the ones you’re not going to get on the tour. All pictures can be clicked on for a larger view. Please enjoy.

A pastor weeps and prays in Torit, South Sudan
The eyes of a Maasai child.


Curiosity as the Kawaja (white man) arrives.


elderly woman, southern Sudan
The face of decades of conflict worn into the face of an old woman in South Sudan.


A Maasai woman holds her 12 hour old baby.


The peaceful face of a Dinka woman in Bor, South Sudan.


An old Dinka woman in the village of Liliir, South Sudan.
An old Dinka woman in the village of Liliir, South Sudan.
Women carry reeds for roofing material in Torit, South Sudan.

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