The God of lost keys.

I find myself as if on a mountaintop, seeing between two disparate worlds. In one world, there is the truly life transforming news of the gospel that brings life, and in the other world, the one where being a Christian is seen as something private that might offend if word gets out. In one world following Christ is not only about the greater good, but the greatest good.  In the other, people go to church because it’s the thing to do, and we want to be social, don’t we?  After all, if we don’t tithe then it’s certainly cheaper than the country club. Which of these worlds are we going to decide to live in?

Curious children in Panwel, South Sudan look into a new church to see what’s going on.

I went to bible college for a year. A school run by “professional Christians”. As much as it pains my to say it, the following was advice I actually received from a professor. “Don’t expect miracles, or for healing to happen. But if you lose your keys, prayer is good for that.”  That is not only tragic advice, it’s downright infuriating.  If my God is not powerful or doesn’t care enough to be good for anything more than finding my keys, He isn’t powerful enough to save my soul either.  I might as well get myself an electric key finder and worship that. It will certainly require less of me.

Unfortunately, I learned more at bible college about what not to believe and do than what to do, and about what I didn’t want to be. That was not without value, but for the more cynical person I know it did exactly the opposite, and they left the church altogether.  So in the spirit of who my God actually is, I’m posting a couple of videos from my last trip to South Sudan. I’d like the thank Yamo Films, for conducting these interviews and taking this video. I had the incredible privilege of meeting both of these people as they were trained to become new pastors to villages that had no church. Frankly, they had way more to teach me than I would have to teach them. If you don’t think God transforms lives, tell it to them, (if you’re not looking for your keys.)

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